Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rebecca's skirts

Last week I received a wonderful treat from a friend- -a bag of fabric they no longer wanted--(if you love to sew like I do, you know what a real treasure a bag of fabric can be. . .).  In the bag was this wonderful piece of orange and white fabric and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make it into a fun skirt for my daughter-in-law, Rebecca!  While I was at the store picking up some of the supplies to make the skirt I came across another wonderful piece of fabric and before I knew it, I was making two skirts for Rebecca!  I couldn't wait to get them to her tonight to see if she liked them- -I think she did!!  I have been blessed with the most amazing daughter-in-law and I love to make her gifts, she is always so sweet and excited about everything!  Thank you Rebecca for tolerating my crafting addiction!


  1. My wardrobe and I will always be there to support your crafting addiction. We just may have to talk to Nick about his share of closet space. :-)

    Thank you!

  2. LOL- -well we just may have to move his clothes into another closet!!

  3. I would like some snazzy overalls....your sewing skills are the bomb dot com!