Sunday, January 15, 2012

A work in progress

A few months ago I posted some pictures of a shawl I saw on the blog "attic 24" one of my all time favorite blogs!  I think it's beautiful and began trying to make one of my own.  The picture below is the shawl Lucy, (author of Attic 24), made:

And so my journey began as I learned to make the flowers. . .

and then began making the flowers using different color combinations. . . .

I have completed 12 flowers, and though I still have many, many flowers to make before I can complete the shawl, today I decided to begin sewing them together.  There is excitement in seeing a project begin to come together.

It's interesting how bold the colors look in this picture, when in fact they are really much softer.  The shawl, when completed, will need to be "blocked" so that the shawl will lay nice and flowers will
not look as if they are all different sizes as they do in the picture!!  I need 52 flowers to make the shawl the size I would like it to be- - -that means I need to make 40 more!! Whew!!  But it will be fun to watch the project grow and develop into something beautiful!!

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