Monday, March 7, 2011

Shopping for fabric

I love fabric stores!  There is just something exciting about seeing all the fabric choices and then imagining the many projects that can be made.  It's inspiring to go into the smaller shops that have samples made up, I can feel the excitement as I walk in the door. . . .  

Here are some of the red fabrics that will be part of my "redwork" quilt. Half the fun of this project is that it will be a long process and not a quick project.  Shopping for the fabrics is like a treasure hunt, I will be hunting here on the West Coast as Teressa hunts on the East Coast.  And because we are bonded so closely together and our tastes are so similar, I can't help but wonder if we will ever buy the same fabrics for each other. . . . .


  1. I love your project idea! And I completely understand the fun of new fabric stores. You would have loved the one we went to up in Washington. You could easily spend hours upon hours looking at fabrics and chatting with the ladies that run it.

  2. Yea! A "comment"! My blog feels official now :) I bet I would have loved that shop- -fabric shops are one of my favorite places, (next to bookstores and libraries :) )

  3. Hi Penny, Christy told me about your blog. I am so excited for you. I too am a lover of sewing and have a weakness for fabric. Ask Christy about my craftroom sometime. Next time I am at CCS I will look for you and share stories.