Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dishcloth fun. . .

My friend Laura over at shared this fun pattern with me: 

I just fell in love with them and had to try one!  I chose the one with the ruffle edging, I like it the best!  I then went digging through my unbelieveable stash of yarn (because I am committed to NOT buying any new crafting supplies) and I found the perfect colors for making one of the dishcloths for my daughter-in-law, Rebecca! 

And so it begins with a circle. . . . using a beautiful sugar n' cream cotton yarn in orange and then switching to one of their verigated yarns in white/teal/green (I love this one!) I was on my way. . .

I then began adding the edging using the orange again.  I love how bright and cheerful the color is!  And this pattern is very simple and quick to work up!

And here it is all finished!  A beautiful cloth

Surely if you have a pretty dishcloth to work with doing the dishes won't seem like such a boring task!!

A BIG "Thank you" to my friend, Laura, who continually inspires me by providing encouragement and fun new patterns to try!! 

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