Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainy Day Sunday

It's raining here today in Southern California- -and I LOVE rain!

I know I shouldn't say that as to some it seems almost sacrilegious to live in Sunny California yet love the rain.  But I do. . .I love listening to it, smelling it, watching it- -all of it!! 

It's only supposed to rain through today, so I must enjoy it.  I thought taking a few photos and sharing them with you might help me preserve this wonderful weather!  I'm hoping it rains for several more hours so that I can go to sleep tonight to the sound of raindrops falling on the awning outside my bedroom window.  Oh how I love that sound!!
 Another of my favorite things is crocheting.  And since there are two very special little ones on the way into our family soon, I decided this grammie-to-be better get busy making some warm and cozy blankies!  I decided to begin one of them using the vintage stripe pattern my friend Laura shared over at .  I love the vintage look of this pattern and it seems as if it's going to be pretty quick to work up.  I'm using a yarn I found at Michaels.  It's Naturally Caron Spa and the colors and texture are nice and soft and perfect for keeping a little one nice and snuggly warm.
 These are my favorite crochet hooks.  I only have two of them, a "G" and an "H" but I'm hoping to get more.  I really like how comfortable they are to work with, the wooden handle really makes them easy to hold.  A little more expensive than a traditional hook but I feel well worth it!
Oh and when it's raining and you are tired of crocheting or t.v. watching- -book reading is a very fun way to pass the time.  I'm still reading this book I shared with you the other day.  I'm enjoying the story.  I haven't had much time to read lately, but I'm hoping I will be able to indulge in some "nose in my book" time this week! 

Stay tuned. . .some very pretty baby vintage stripe pictures should be coming your way soon. . . . .

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  1. I really liked yesterday's rain too. I wish we had gotten more though.
    I love your yarn colors. I can't wait to see the baby blanket when it's done...
    Laura :)