Monday, June 11, 2012

BABIES. . . .

It's almost time for grandbaby #1, Kellen, to make his arrival.  Mommy and Daddy (and Grandma) are getting quite excited, and a little anxious, about it all . . . .

Daddy painted the room and the crib and dresser are all put together.  Mommy's been "nesting" so all
clothing is washed and ready and the room is completely organized. 
 Now, just waiting for Kellen to arrive!

I wonder if he'll look like his Daddy. . . .

Benjamin- -1 yr old.

Such a sweet boy, such sweet memories!


  1. Such a wonderful time waiting for your grandchildren to make their arrival - and so hard not to overcrowd with your presence at the same time as giving all of your support. I have 4 grandchildren and 6 step grandchildren - each one special in their own way.
    All I can say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  2. I have given you the Sunshine Award. Head over to my blog to check it out.
    Happy Sunday.
    Laura :)