Sunday, September 9, 2012


I was given "The Sunshine Award" from my friend Laura Maxell over at "Love the Bluebird"  one of my very favorite people (and blogs!).  Thank you Laura for adding this bit of "Sunshine" to my day!! 

So apparently the way this works is that I am to answer some questions about myself . . . .

1. Favorite color: pink and green 

2. Favorite number: 7

3. Favorite drink: Sugar-free Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonalds (my guilty pleasure!)

4. Favorite animal: GIRAFFES!!

5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook (but do have twitter- -just don't remember to "tweet" very often!)

6. Getting or giving presents: Both-definitely both!

7. Favorite day: Sunday - -it's about Church, family and relaxation! 

8. Favorite flower: Carnations

9. My passion: Working with children 

And now I get to pass this award on to others!!  Yay!

(my first choice would be to send it back to Laura because she is definitely a bright ray of sunshine in my life!  But since she's already received it I will pass it on to some other wonderful blogs that I find add sunshine to my life. . .)

aesthetic nest  ( )
Attic24 ( )
Bunny Mummy ( )
Maybe Matilda ( )
Fussy Cut ( )
Tangled Happy ( )
May Blossom ( )

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and have a link back to them.
2. Place the Sunshine Award in a post or on your blog.
3. Answer some questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers (okay, I didn't have 10!)
5. For the bloggers that you have chosen for the Sunshine Award, remember to comment on their blogs and let them know about their Sunshine Award!

Thank you so much Laura- -this was fun!!  I love reading blogs and probably use too much of my time doing so, but they are so inspirational and fun!  I hope you find them inspirational too!

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  1. Thank you Penny! I broke the rules and linked this up on my Facebook page instead. Hope you won't mind... So sweet of you to include Tangled Happy. Wishing you a very happy week! :)